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I know this is going to be hard to believe, but in 2000 when first went live on the Internet there were no fastpitch softball equipment websites on the internet.

Everyone ether bought equipment online from baseball websites, or websites for slowpitch softball. Yes these websites may of added a few pieces of softball equipment, or some fastpitch bats, but they were still baseball, or slowpitch softball websites.

When can on the scene it was an overnight success. People had never seen a website that only sold girls fastpitch softball equipment.

Softball Junk Fastpitch Equipment Online Store

The orders came in like crazy, but so did the phone calls from people that wanted to express their thanks to us for creating the Softball Junk website.

Now it is going on 17 years since that website first appeared, and the website is still doing great.

The next time you need some fastpitch softball equipment please take a look at

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