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Friday, July 13


5PM - 11PM

A Dallas Steakhouse

pre-conference independent event

Satoshi Nakamoto Institute Annual Dinner

The Satoshi Nakamoto Institute is pleased to be hosting its first annual dinner at a fine Dallas steakhouse. Join us for a special evening of Bitcoin discussion, merriment, and steak.

More details and application here:

Saturday, July 14


8:45am – 9:00am


By Gary Leland & Tony Cecala, Co-Producers

Hello, Pioneer.

Are you ready for the global transformation to sound money? You are among the few aware of the changes to come. Goldbugs among you know that fiat currencies often have a dramatic and catastrophic end. Let’s explore this topic today with some world-class thought leaders.


9:00am – 9:55am

Saifedean Ammous

Saifedean Ammous


Bitcoin: How an open-source software project created the most advanced form of money ever

By Saifedean Ammous, Author, The Bitcoin Standard

What makes for sound money, and could Bitcoin be it?

Ammous overviews the various technologies to play the role of money across history and explores what gave these technologies their monetary role, how they lost it, what that teaches us about the desirable features of money, and how Bitcoin is designed to improve on these technologies. Ammous elucidates the economic, social, cultural, and political benefits of sound money over unsound money to allow for an informed discussion of the potential role Bitcoin could play in the digital economy of the future. Rather than as a currency for criminals or a cheap mass consumer payment network, this book argues Bitcoin is emerging as a decentralized, politically neutral, free-market alternative to national central banks, with potentially enormous implications for individual freedom and prosperity.

Dr. Saifedean Ammous is Assistant Professor of Economics at the Lebanese American University, and Foreign Member of the Center on Capitalism and Society at Columbia University. He is the author of The Bitcoin Standard, the first serious academic treatise on Bitcoin, and has been researching Bitcoin and blockchain technology as an academic and consultant for 7 years.


10:00AM – 10:50AM

Pierre Rochard

Pierre Rochard

Bitcoin’s Governance: Proof of Hat vs Proof of Work

By Pierre Rochard

In 2017 we discovered emergent properties of Bitcoin's decentralized governance model.

Pierre will explain what a Schelling point consensus is, how p2p network governance works, and the purpose of proof-of-work timestamping.

Pierre Rochard has been involved with Bitcoin as a researcher, investor, and software developer since February 2013. He co-founded the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute to curate the best primary source literature on Bitcoin and cryptography. In addition to developing Bitcoin software, Pierre is an outspoken advocate for Bitcoin’s decentralized governance. In 2017 he began co-hosting the Noded Bitcoin Podcast. Pierre is widely recognized as an authority on the investment case for Bitcoin.


11:00AM – 11:25AM

Michael Goldstein

Michael Goldstein

Everyone is still a scammer (A Bitcoin Maximalist Guide to the World)

By Michael Goldstein

My friends call me Bitstein.
I am the founder and president of the Satoshi Nakamoto Institute. I co-host the Noded Bitcoin Podcast.
I think about Bitcoin, strong cryptography, and society.

Talks: Bitcoin: An Experiment in AnarchismBitcoin Beyond Money
Videos: Digital Apocalypse: An Interview with Cody WilsonDark WalletGhost GunnerGhost Gunner Release
I curate resources related to all-meat, carnivorous diets at


11:30AM – 11:55AM

Felipe Huicochea

Felipe Huicochea

Can Cryptocurrencies Save the Next Generation in Latin America?

By Felipe Huicochea

We provide a realtime rundown of the projects and events having the greatest impact in the adoption and development of cryptocurrencies across Latin America.

Entrepreneur, Investor, Technologist, Author, Occasional speaker, political hacktivist and YouTube famous. Felipe’s internet experience spans over 20 years and has worked in infrastructure, operating one of first internet regional nodes in Mexico in the mid 90’s, creating the first online multi language collaboration platform for the Organization American States (O.A.S.), running (and winning) the first online presidential campaign in Mexico and building mission critical systems for a VoIP company in the early 2000’s.

He has applied his extensive technical background to educate people across the world on what he considers to be a fundamental shift several orders of magnitud greater than what the internet of information ever was. 

In his wife’s words: He’s the whole enchilada.


Noon - 12:30PM

Casey Watkins

Casey Watkins

Trading Bots and Trading Software – How they Work, and Which Ones are Best

By Casey Watkins

Discover the world of trading bots.

Casey currently runs a community of over 700+ members.  He currently manages over 100 Master Nodes and does weekly payouts for them to his community members.

Casey does manual trading part time but relies heavily on trading automation to save time for community management and masternodes. He uses trading automation to sell all the coins he gets from all the masternodes, plus some automated tading of the major coins out there.

He currently runs an Elite Super Secret Mastermind group for those who are a little crazy and like to try crazy things in the Crypto World!

If you would like to see what Casey and his team at Crypto Unicorn Money are doing visit


12:30PM - 1:30PM

Town of Addison


1:30PM - 2:00PM

Malachite Room

Networking & Book Signing


2PM - 2:25PM

Ray Redacted

Ray Redacted

How to Get Your CryptoCurrency STOLEN

By Ray Redacted

Not a day goes by that we don't hear about another cryptocurrency scam or ripoff.

This talk will focus on how you, as a cryptocurrency investor, can make particularly bad decisions about protecting your online assets. This includes an overview of the history of online scams from Mt.Gox to present day. We will then begin discussing they security “Worst Practices” for exposing yourself to risk. We will finish by spending time to cover some of the ways you can better protect yourself from nation state actors, script kiddies, cyber criminal gangs, and twitter scamsters.

Ray Redacted is a network and Information Security researcher with 20 years of expertise in cyber defense research, application solution design, and next-generation network architectures. Ray is a frequent writer, researcher, and speaker on topics such as encryption, malware reverse engineering, and the advanced persistent threats facing international law enforcement agencies. In addition to a degree from Purdue University and numerous industry certifications, he also has many years of frontline experience in the prevention and mitigation of attacks from cyber criminals, hacktivist groups, and nation state actors. You can follow Ray on twitter: @RayRedacted.


2:30PM - 2:55PM

Nik Bhatia

Nik Bhatia

The Time Value of Bitcoin

By Nik Bhatia

A calculation convention to measure the time-value and security risk premium of bitcoin would allow a capital market to form.

Observable variables in Bitcoin’s Lightning Network can be used to calculate the interest rate received on bitcoin held in payment channels, allowing investors to measure the opportunity cost of capital. Hashed Time-Locked Contracts in Lightning Network are perfect for bootstrapping fixed income securities using bitcoin-native inputs, without the need for trusted third parties. If consensus conventions can emerge, the resulting yield curves and risk premiums will serve as the foundation for a bitcoin-denominated capital market. A robust capital market is absolutely essential for bitcoin to achieve status as a global reserve currency, now that bitcoin has already secured its place as a new asset class.

Nik Bhatia trades US Treasuries and interest rate futures for Payden & Rygel, a Los Angeles based investment manager with over $100 billion assets under management. His goal is to bring a capital market to Bitcoin in order for it to achieve status as a global reserve currency.

Nik has worked at Payden & Rygel since 2016. Prior to that, he worked at Rimrock Capital, a hedge fund in Irvine, CA. He received his Masters in Finance from IE University in Madrid, Spain in 2013, and received his Bachelors in Social Sciences (Economics) from University of Southern California in 2011. He is a CFA charterholder.


3:30PM - 3:55PM

Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins

Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins

Bitcoin’s Cypherpunk Roots

By Mark ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins

Mark is a futurist and blockchain evangelist.

In 2017 and 2018, he’s served as an advisor or C-Level executive to a variety of blockchain projects, including Boundre Group, Veritoken, Robokind, Bitqyck, as well as several blockchain projects in “stealth mode.”

In 2015 Mark founded Roger Wilco Agency, a content marketing firm. In mid-2016, he accepted a partnership at the newly created Dallas office for Barista Ventures, which remains a nexus for activity in the Dallas startups scene.

Aside from past forays into New Media like founding SiliconANGLE Media or serving as Associate Editor at and his own sites, he has worked as a developer and project manager for many large corporations such as Apple Computers, IBM, Nokia, Cox Communications and CompUSA Corporate.

In 2001, Hopkins left the large corporations to try his hand in executive management in the field of dot com startups, and has worked for companies such as PerfectInvoice, Ninjaco, Parallad Studios, BlipMedia, PoddedMeat, and Mashable.

Mark a.k.a ‘Rizzn’ Hopkins is also the Host of


4PM - 4:25PM

Austin Akers

Austin Akers

Effectively Evaluating Cryptocurrencies

By Austin Akers

This talk outlines three ways of effectively evaluating cryptocurrencies.

The Software Developer Approach

  • Looking at the Software Development Team
  • The activity on their Github
  • The Substance of each commit
  • Is the stuff they’re doing technically achieveable

The Entrepreneurial Approach

  • Viewing them the same way they we view actual startups
  • Looking at the team and seeing if it’s actually the right team
  • Looking at the use case and if there’s a market for their product
  • The legitimacy of their credentials
  • If they’ve met many minimal/major technical and business milestones.
  • Reading their white-paper and how to effectively break it down
  • The transparency of their progress and the overall state of the company

The Financial Approach

  • How distributed are the tokens
  • What the current state of the company’s financials.
  • Evaluating based upon Current MarketCap, Volume, Circulating Supply, price (although this can be irrelevant many times), and current exchanges
  • Is there market manipulation involved with the currency, spoofing, price suppression etc.

Austin is currently a Software Developer at Intellicentrics. He currently does Full-Stack and Solidity Development. Austin is heavily involved with developing junior developers, and encouraging community building in the DFW Startup Community. He is a co-organizer of the freeCodeCamp Dallas Chapter, on the Board of Advisors for NoD Coworking, an active member of the DFW Startup Community, Volunteer for Homeless Nexus and the Prison Entrepreneurship Program and a huge advocate for the utilization of blockchain technology for web applications.


4:30PM - 4:55PM

Mike Clear

Mike Clear

What should you know before buying an ASIC miner

By Mike Clear

The talk is about ASIC mining, and how to get started.

Whether the user is a hobbyist, or a large corporation, the lecture covers what it takes to get started, and how to avoid some pitfalls along the way.

What to do before you buy a machine? Planning, Electricity, HVAC, Software
How, where, and from who to buy a machine?
Tricks and tips to mine more, make more, and participate in the evolution of Bitcoin (and other alt-coins).

Mike Clear is Director of Business Development at Watchman Payment Systems. In his role, Mike helps companies secure payments between non-traditional funding sources such as financial aid, points, or other non-fiat balances utilizing software which delivers instant payment to approved vendors in the form of a one time use digital credit card. One such solution, known as Automated Bursar Billing enables college students to access their financial aid using only their student ID to purchase authorized goods & services, such as educational materials, prior to the start of classes.

Prior to his current role, Mike spent the past 10 years working closely with retailers to develop retail and warehouse management software. His experience involves early stage participation in the development of an omni-channel inventory managment system and POS which was adopted as the core platform for Tree of Life Bookstores, and Sidewalk Pro. Mike spent five years as the POS Sales Engineer at Sidewalk Inc. Mike has also consulted for a variety of outside industries including the Energy and Finance sectors.

He has provided guidance for go-to- market strategies and technology acquisitions for brands such as NRG Energy, Universal Studios, Target Inc., and 24 Hour Fitness. Mike has a B.S. in Political Science from The University of Colorado at Boulder.



Tuur Demeester

Tuur Demeester

Closing Keynote

The Future of Bitcoin (Bitcoin as a reserve asset)

By Tuur Demeester

Tuur Demeester is founder of Adamant Capital. In January 2012, Demeester added Bitcoin ($5 at the time) as part of the recommended currency basket of his investment newsletter MacroTrends. He’s an investor in Bitcoin exchange Kraken, previously co-founded the Rothbard Institute. The reputation algorithm of currently ranks him as ninth most influential personality in the industry.


5:45PM - 6:00PM

Malachite Room

Closing Remarks

Announcements, follow-up events, and more.

By Gary Leland & Tony Cecala, Co-Producers

Sunday, July 15


10AM - 1PM

Town of Addison

POST-CONFERENCE PARTY [Additional Ticket required]

Bitcoin Brunch Buffet Party

Celebrate and collaborate with your new Bitcoin colleagues. Mexican Brunch Buffet includes a carving station, grilled chicken, BBQ pulled pork, roast brisket, red chile salmon, up to three champagne cocktails, and much more.

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