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2016 Women’s College World Series Book

2016 Women's College World Series

The 2016 Women’s College World Series In Review.

If you are a fan of the 2016 Women’s College World Series then you will find this to be a must have book. This book has all the stats, line ups, scores, and every bit of information you could ask for about the 2016 WCWS.

I do not believe anyone has put together such a complete book of information about the 2016 Women’s College World Series ever.

The teams that played in the 2016 event were as follows: Alabama, Oklahoma, Florida State, UCLA, Auburn, Georgia, Michigan, and LSU. The University of Oklahoma ended up being victorious in the championship game, and became the 2016 WCWS NCAA Champions.

You can buy the book on Amazon for the Kindle HERE.

The 14 Inch Softball Review

The 14 inch softball is a great training aid for pitchers.

The basic concept of a 14 inch softball is quite simple. Training with this ball size teaches you to grip and pitch an over sized softball which will make it easier to grip and pitch a normal size softball. Pitching mechanics are based on many factors, and much of that begins with muscle memory. The 14″ Softball will help your hand stretch and also develop the grip needed for a smaller ball.

Planet Softball 14 inch softball review

I have often seen people trying to accomplish this same thing by having their pitchers train with 16″ softball. While the concept is a good one, I just believe the 16″ is to big of an increase in size from the 11″ or 12″ ball to be as effective as the 14″ softball is.

This video was produced by Fastpitch.TV and the 14″ softball can be purchased on their website at Fastpitch.TV/14.

The Best Softball Sites On The Planet

Planet Softball Fastpitch Player On Field

The Place For Everything Softball

Welcome to Planet Softball.

This is the place to find links to all the best softball websites, and resources on the planet.

If it is a book, an e-commerce site, or even an informational website I will write a blog post about it.

This will soon be known as the go to place for people searching anything about the widely popular sport.

I have been a fan of fastpitch softball for a long time now. Ever since my daughter player on her first team I have been in love with the game. I use to be a hard core baseball fan, but this sport is so much faster that it won my heart right away.

If you like what I am doing here please let me know about it. I will try to add three or four blog posts every week. Please tell me what you do, or do not like about my blog posts. I hope you will enjoy using this website as much as I am going to enjoy bringing you great content.

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