E-commerce Sites:

1. is your one stop shop for everything fastpitch softball. Here you can get everything from training aids to equipment used while playing.
2. is your favorite site for everything softball. Here you will find bats, gloves, pants and much more.
3. is where you can go to find all your base coach helmets and well as coaching aids. We stock all the top brands like Easton, All-Star, and Rawlings.
4. is perfect for anyone who wants to add a little pop to your favorite bat. Here we sell a variety of bat tape from patterned ones to solid colors as well as accessories for your bat and more.
5. No matter what team you are on you are sure to find an eyeblack sticker that will work for you. This site features many different ones from solid colors to designs.
6. is where you want to go to get any type of face protection while on the field. Here you will find many different brands as well as designs to better get one that matches you.
7. For anyone that loves softball or baseball fastpitch flowers is perfect. These roses are hand made out of a softball or baseball and will be a great gift for players, coaches, or fans.
8. for any softball player these softball headbands are definitely on the list of necessities. These headbands come in many different colors and are made of real leather.
9. Ever want to learn to bunt but just couldn’t figure out where to hit the ball on the bat? The bunt sock is the perfect training aid for you. It fits easily over most bats and has colored dots to show you where to hit the ball.
10. is the ultimate pitching aid. This mat features 3 colors to show the pitcher where to throw the ball correctly.
11. is where you want to go to get all your training aid balls. We stock a variety of weighted balls measuring 9,11, and 12 inches as well as oversized balls and training aids.
12. is a training aid to help teach you proper pitching technique. The Windmill Trainer attaches to your leg so when you are pitching you hit the flap to let you know when to release the ball.
13. For any catcher this site is going to be the best place to get all your catching equipment in one place. We sell everything from catcher’s bags to skull caps in a variety of sizes and styles.
14. Learn to better focus on the ball while training with these ball stickers. Each pack comes with 3 different designs in 3 different colors.
15. is the easy way to help your players remember all the signs and signals during the game. Each wrist coach comes with a playcall window to write down anything you might need to remember during a game.
16. is the best place to find any type of fastpitch softball facemask. This site contains different patters, styles, and brands of your favorite facemasks.
17. is perfect for any player that wants to improve their hitting. This glove includes padding for instant strength, power, and bat speed.
18. carries all of your favorite Fastpitch softball bats in one convenient location. We carry brands like DeMarini, Louisville Slugger, and many more.

Informational Sites:

1. is where you go to find out more about your favorite olympic players and coaches. Here you will find history and stats about the teams and games.
2. is where you would want to go to find everything you would want to know about coaches of the teams in the WCWS. Here you will find biographies, history, and stats of the coaches.
3. Is a full service website that offers a multitude of services. Here we can help you build your website, design custom graphics for that website, any publishing needs you might have from ebook to paperbacks, and podcasting.
4. Fastpitch TV Network This site has more free softball information then any other site. Here you will find drills, blog posts, radio shows and much more.
5. Fastpitch Radio Bringing you everything you would want to know about softball. features many different ways to learn more about softball. Listen to everything from history shows to our newest show softball trivia.
6. Fastpitch University This is the official website for the Fastpitch University Softball Technology Conference. This conference features speakers and a variety of different conference sessions.
7. World Softball Day This is the official website for World Softball Day June 13th. This site gives you a chance to order your World Softball Day hat as well as giving you some history on softball.
8. Fastpitch Search Directory Is part of The Fastpitch TV Private Club where you can look for a player for your team or someone to play in a tournament.
9. Fastpitch Softball Videos On Demand Want to watch a bunch of softball videos without having to spend $50+ on each video. Here I give you the opportunity to watch any video here for up to 72 hours for only $9.95.
10. Fastpitch Softball Drills is the one place to get all the softball drills you can think of written out into blog posts.
11. is where I post all the softball shots I take while I’m at games and tournaments.
12. The best place to go and shop for new softball equipment. This site compiles all of my sites into one easy page for easy navigation.
13. Fastpitch Softball Cheers This site includes over 50 unique cheers you can get to help cheer your team to victory.
14. Softball Cruise I am working on setting up a Softball Cruise so for anyone interested you can ask to be notified about details regarding this great opportunity.
15. Softball Junkie Follow Coach V as he brings humor to the game of Softball.
16. Fastpitch Books Info.


1. 100 Great Podcasting Tips Want to learn more about podcasting but don’t know where to start? This book is perfect getting advice, tips, and resources from podcasters just like you about how to succeed in the business.
2. Fastpitch Magazine is a monthly publication for anyone interested in Fastpitch softball. Whether you are a coach, player, or parent this magazine will benefit everyone.
3. The Fastpitch Book is a compilation of 20 great coaches giveing 20 great tools to improve your game.
4. Travel Ball Advice Book gives you 100 tips on moving from recreational ball the travel ball and what to expect when you get there.
5. Series Of Their Own is where you will find a comprehensive book about the history of the Women’s College World Series.
6. The Complete Book of Softball Drills contains many different practice drills for runners, pitchers, hitters, catchers, and fielders.
7. 20 Great Fastpitch Softball Questions Answered Volume 1 Here you will find answers to questions asked on Fastpitch TV’s Facebook page by the Fastpitch TV Family.
8. 20 Great Fastpitch Softball Questions Answered Volume 2 The second volume where I answer another 20 questions on Fastpitch Softball.
9. 20 Great Fastpitch Softball Questions Answered Volume 3 The third volume where I answer another 20 questions on Fastpitch Softball.
10. Softball Pitching Drills is a compilation of softball pitching drills to better improve your game. Not only will you increase the strength in your arm but you will learn mechanics that will be useful to you your entire pitching career.
11. Softball Hitting Drills Improve your hitting skills with these drills so next time you are at bat you will be confident that you are going to hit any type of pitch.
12. Softball Catcher Drills  is the book to read for anyone who wants to improve their catching skills. This book features drills you can practice on your own or with a team.
13. Softball Fielding Drills Want to improve your fielding skills. This book features many different fielding exercises to perfect your fielding skills today!
14. Softball Base Running Drills 36 great tips and drills to improve your base running skills.
15. The 2016 Women’s College World Series In Review In this book you will find everything you would want to know about the 2016 WCW’s. Here you will find stats, player bios, team bios, game notes and much much more.
16. Fastpitch Magazine Book 1 The Best Of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Issues 1-10: Book 1 Here you will find a compilation of the best articles from the Fastpitch Magazine Issues 1-10. This book is great for any player, coach, or parent.


1. Fastpitch TV Show includes interviews and softball tips from olympians, Hall of Fame Players, and Coaches.
2. Softball Trivia Podcast Every week I bring you a trivia question about all things softball. Here you can not only test your knowledge about fastpitch softball you can expand it.
3. Fastpitch Magazine Podcast Softball Trivia Podcast For the softball lover softball magazine comes with tips and interviews with coaches, players, and parents. Here you will hear everything you would want to know about the history of softball.
4. Softball Academy Podcast Fastpitch Magazine Podcast is where you want to go to hear about tips to improve your game. Each show features your host Shannon McDougall talk about tips and training tricks to help improve your game.
5. Fastpitch Expert Podcast In this podcast your host Dr. Sherry Werner answers your frequently asked questions and tips on how to overcome challenges in fastpitch softball.
6. Fastpitch History Want to learn more about Fastpitch Softball? In this podcast you will hear more about the history of fastpitch softball by your host Dr. Dot Richardson.


1. Fastpitch Radio Show App is the best way to access The Fastpitch Radio Network. This app contains everything on fastpitch radio and is convenient enough to use on the go.
2. Fastpitch Chat is the perfect place to get your tough softball questions answered.
3. Fastpitch Cheers App Cheer your team to victory with this app. Here you will find many different cheers to add to your collection.
4. Fastpitch TV App For anyone that’s a fan of fastpitch softball this app includes interviews from Olympians, coaches, and anyone you would admire in fastpitch softball.
5. Fastpitch Softball Magazine For anyone interested in softball this app is the one for you. On here you will find softball tips and drills for any position as well as news and interviews with coaches and players.
6. Fastpitch Drills The perfect app for anyone who wants to find a drill on the go.
7. Softball Stuff Reviews Ever want to buy a piece of softball equipment but now know how it works or if it was any good? This app is the one place where you can find reviews as well as videos on the products and what you can expect from using it.
8. Softball Quiz Great for parties or when you just need to kill time this app helps test your softball knowledge.

Video Shows:

1. Softball Review Show Get the scoop on all your softball equipment gear with the softball review show. Here you will hear about different products, how to use them, and how they can help you play better on the field.
2. Fastpitch Chat Show This show features questions about Fastpitch Softball sent in by players, coaches, and parents. I find people with years of experience to help me answer your tough questions.
3. Women’s College World Series On this show you will see everything from the Women’s College World Series you might have missed as well as bonus content just I get from being there.
4. Fastpitch Softball Cheers Show Get the best cheers for your next game with this show. Here you can get different cheers to help motivate your team to a win.
4. Win Some Softball Stuff This softball show is a once a month production that gives you a chance to win softball gear.
6. The Cranky Coach The Cranky Coach is a humorous video of the ups and downs of coaching fastpitch softball.
7. Fastpitch TV Show This is your one place for everything softball. The Fastpitch TV show is where you will find everything you could ever want to know about softball from history to interviews with coaches.