The Fastpitch Book for Softball Players and Coaches

The Fastpitch Book created by Fastpitch TV Publishing

This book has twenty great fastpitch softball articles written by twenty great fastpitch softball coaches. As a special bonus this book also includes a dedicated section of tips and resources from many other coaches.

This information is meant to give insight, and thought processes into the game of fastpitch softball.

It contains many tools, and techniques behind what it takes to train great players and build a successful team.

The twenty coaches involved in this book are:
The Fastpitch Book

  • Mitch Alexander
  • Laura Berg
  • Darrick Brown
  • Charity Butler
  • Keri Casas
  • Rob Crews
  • Michele Martin Diltz
  • Charlie Dobbins
  • Joni Frei
  • Rita Lynn Gilman
  • Lisa Iancin
  • Bryan Burrows Ingalis
  • Stacie Mahoe
  • Shannon McDougall
  • Shannon Murray
  • Venus Taylor
  • Aaron Weintraub
  • Dr. Sherry Werner
  • Meagan Denny White
  • Kaci Clark Zerbe

Good luck reaching for your next championship!

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