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Everyone is familiar with the black greasy substance ball players rub under their eyes. They use this to help keep the glare of the sun out of their eyes. Between you and me, I think they wear eyeblack to make themselves look mean. They want to send a message that they are tough, and mean. This may be subliminal message , but it is a message.

Traditional eyeblack is messy, and can even bother your eyes by rubbing it with your hands. Then the fact that on a hot day it can melt in your bat bag, and you have a possible super mess.

That is the beauty of eyeblack stickers. Their is no mess, no rubbing in your eyes, no problems at all.

These stickers work to block glare just like eyeblack grease does, but they offer an extra benefit. You can send a message that is not subliminal. A message that everyone will see.
Eyeblack Sticker Designs
The eyeblack stickers are printed with words, logos, messages, and yes you can get solid colors too.

Many teams will order custom eyeblack stickers with their team logos on them. Advertisers even buy with their company logo on them to give away at sporting events.

Eyeblack stickers are really pretty cool, and i am sure your team will enjoy them.

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