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Softball Video Of The Week 3/5/17 – Joan Joyce Explains The Slingshot Pitch

The Slingshot Pitch with Joan Joyce Many people say that Joan Joyce was the greatest fastpitch softball player of all times. In this video Joan explains the basics of the slingshot pitch.

As a pitcher she used the slingshot pitch. This was in a time before the windmill pitch became the dominate pitch in the sport of fastpitch softball.

Her list of accomplishments are so long that it would hard to list them all. One of her most impressive accomplishments was when she struck out baseball legend Ted Williams in several exhibition games.

Joan’s talent seemed to be endless as she has been a pro softball player, pro golfer, pro volley ball player, pro bowler, pro baseketball player and more. Joan Joyce holds her position strong as one of the greatest female athletes of all time.

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Softball Video Of The Week 12/2/16 – Carol Hutchins Interview

Carol Hutchins, History Of Softball Interview

Michigan Coach Carol Hutchins InterviewIn 2014 Olympian Dr. Dot Richardson started a series of interviews with softball legends for the History Of Softball Video Series.

On this episode she interviews softball Legend, and University of Michigan head coach Carol Hutchins. She has developed a very impressive record with the Michigan softball organization.

This is a great conversation between two softball greats. Carol has been an inspiration and made a very big impact on the sport of fastpitch softball over the years. I had the honor of meeting her and doing an interview for my show as well.

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Ball Velocity – Softball Video Of The Week 11/25/16 – Dr. Sherry Werner

Increasing Ball Velocity For Windmill Pitchers

In this short video Dr. Sherry Werner Ph’d talks about how to increase the ball velocity in windmill pitching in the sport of fastpitch softball.

Dr. Sherry Werner of the Sherry Werner Fastpitch Academy goes over the studies and concepts of how to increase ball velocity for your fastpitch softball windmill pitching. Watch and learn the 4 key components behind the mechanics of improving your windmill pitching speed.

Dr. Sherry Werner worked with Olympic great Jennie Finch on a regular basis, and runs the Red Barn Pitching Academy.

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Softball Video Of The Week 11/18/16 – Michael Bastian

Michael Bastian Teaches Infield Mechanics

Michael Bastian 2005 Coaching Chinese Softball TeamCoach Michael Bastian is well known around the softball world for the years of work he has put into his training clinics at The Fastpitch School (TFS). Coach Bastian worked hard to help coach and develop the softball team at Centenary College of Louisiana. His resume includes many years of international and domestic coaching, clinical and professional speaking engagement experience. But most remember him for the time he spent working with the Chinese Olympic Softball Team in 2005.

Anyway you look at it Coach Bastian has committed a lot of years working with teams and players to help better their skills in the great game of fastpitch softball.

In this video Coach Bastian works with a young softball player to help her perfect her infield grounding skills. Take a look at the video, and maybe you will learn something that will help improve your game.

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