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The Softball History Podcast

Softball History Podcast The Only Softball History Podcast on the Web

Join 2-time Olympian Dr. Dot Richardson as she interviews legends in the sport of fastpitch softball. Bringing great memories and experiences in softball history.

She interviews other Olympians, coaches, players, and many other fastpitch legends.

Dr. Dot Richardson know these legends on a personal level, and is great at pulling out great content about what it was like to be there.

Her interviews include player like University Of Michigan Head Coach Carol Hutchins, Two time Olympian Michele Smith, and many many more.

You find the podcast go to Fastpitch Radio.

The Fastpitch TV Podcast

Fastpitch TV Show The Fastpitch TV Podcast is one of the oldest video podcasts on the internet.

The first episode of the Fastpitch TV Show came out in 2006 and ten years later it is still going strong. This podcast has some of the best free content for fastpitch softball on the planet.

The Fastpitch TV Podcast has everything from interviews with softball Olympians and legends. It has great clinics and conferences, and softball camps.

This is truly a podcast where you can learn almost everything you are looking for about fastpitch softball.

I would tell you some of the softball legends that have appeared on this poccast, but there are way to many to name.

You find the podcast go to Fastpitch.TV

Fastpitch Magazine Podcast

Fastpitch Softball Magazine Podcast The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Podcast

This is another original podcast from The Fastpitch Radio Network Which is part of The Fastpitch TV Network.

As you have probably figured out from the name of this podcast it is associate with the Fastpitch Softball Magazine. At the time of this blog entry there are over fifty issues of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine, and most issues have around ten articles for a total of over five hundred great articles about fastpitch softball.

On every episode of the Fastpitch Softball Magazine Podcast Kathy Leland reads you an article starting with issue one. Each of these articles are written by our great list of softball experts and writers.

Some of the writers for the magazine are Cat Osterman, Natasha Watley, Charity Butler, Rob Crews, Lisa Iancin, Stacey Mahoe, Jennie Ritter, Mitch Alexander, Dalton Ruer, Aaron Weintraub & more.

When you get down to the nitty gritty this podcast is an audio version of the magazine.

If you love softball, you will find this podcast a great way to consume The Fastpitch Softball Magazine. Since it is audio you can listen while on a walk or listen while driving your car. Where you choose to listen is up to you.

To subscribe to the Fastpitch Softball Magazine Podcast go to The Fastpitch Radio Network.

Softball Trivia Podcast

Softball Trivia Podcast

Softball Trivia Anyone?

I have always been a trivia fan, and I love the sport of fastpitch softball. I guess it is not a surprise that I have come to love this new podcast.

If you didn’t know, the Softball Trivia Podcast is a short, fun, weekly podcast created to entertain fans of the game. As you listen to this podcast it challenges you by asking questions, and then given multiple choice answers. Can you pick the correct answer? If you do then you can test your knowledge on all of your friends and show them how much you know about the game of softball and its history!

Go ahead, give this show a try and I bet it will soon become one of your favorite podcasts.

Click Here to listen at

Listen to a sample episode below: