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Tee Stackers Training Aid Review

Tee Stackers Are Not Only A Great Training Aid, But They Are Fun To Use.

Tee Stackers Hitting Aid Softball Baseball Tee Stackers are a unique tool for training baseball and softball hitters.

Ball players enjoy learning and training with this simple tool because it becomes a game and a challenge to see how many balls they can hit (one at a time) stacked on top of each other.

This softball or baseball hitting aid really does help develop eye-hand coordination, and teaches a player to hit the ball properly.

This training aid will provide instant feedback to your hitter and coach. It is difficult to hit multiple balls stacked on top of each without knocking of the others. This takes practice and focus on hitting the ball, and nothing but the ball.

Yes. Tee stackers teach focus, and eye hand coordination while allowing players to have a fun.

Make sure you watch the video above to see just how the Tee Ball Stackers are used to improve hitting.

You can buy Tee Stackers or read more about them HERE.

Ball Stickers Training Aid Review

Ball Stickers Are Great For Training Hitters

Ball Stickers Training AidBall Training Stickers work on the idea of making the baseball or softball appear bigger, and that makes it easier to see.

These are stickers that you actually stick onto the ball.

They come four shapes, Stars, circles, squares, and triangles. Then those four shapes come in four colors. The colors are red, orange, green, and blue.

How To Use Ball Stickers:

1. To start training with Ball Stickers you simply put one sticker on each ball.

2. Soft toss balls to the batter, and the batter must call out the color before they can even start their swing. Do this until the batter gets really comfortable with it.

3. Now make the batter say the color and the shape before they start their swing.

When the batter gets comfortable with this step the are on their way. They now focus on the ball itself instead of the ball and surrounding area.

Now that they focus on the ball itself the ball will appear larger in their mind, and be easier to see and hit.

You can get Ball Stickers at

The Anywhere Ball Practice Aid Review

The Anywhere Ball Is Great For Indoor And Outdoor Practice

The Anywhere Ball is a great training tool for hitters. A great training ball for indoor and outdoor use. The Hit Anywhere Practice Ball is a foam practice ball. Because this soft ball is made of foam it will never crack or break.

The fact that they are foam also means they will get very compact for storage and transport. In other words you can cram a lot of them in your ball bucket. The other great thing about the Anywhere Training Ball is the instant feedback your player gets when they hit the ball.

I have used these ball for hitting into a fence out at the fields, and they are fantastic.

You can find the Anywhere Ball At Fastpitch.TV/the-hit-anywhere-ball-review

The Accubat Review

The Accubat Is A Great Tool For Hitting Practice Balls

How can the Accubat help me? Lets face the facts, not every parent played a lot of baseball or softball as a kid. I know many parents want to help the coach during practice or before a game, but just aren’t able to hit the ball to the exact point they want with a normal bat. Many coaches use another product known as the Fungo Bat, but even as a one handed bat its still hard to get the hand eye cordination down for good placement.

That is why I found the real beauty of the Accubat is its wide reactive net that allows you to easily hit the ball to where your player is set up. Anyone is able to hit pop flys, grounders, or line drives to any player on the field.

It is really kind of amazing how accurate this hitting aid is. I guess that is why they named it the Accubat! As the video shows the hitting aid is simple to use, and much easier than a fungo bat for those fist time parent coaches.

Interested in learning more about this featured product? Just go to Fastpitch.TV/Accubat

The 14 Inch Softball Review

The 14 inch softball is a great training aid for pitchers.

The basic concept of a 14 inch softball is quite simple. Training with this ball size teaches you to grip and pitch an over sized softball which will make it easier to grip and pitch a normal size softball. Pitching mechanics are based on many factors, and much of that begins with muscle memory. The 14″ Softball will help your hand stretch and also develop the grip needed for a smaller ball.

Planet Softball 14 inch softball review

I have often seen people trying to accomplish this same thing by having their pitchers train with 16″ softball. While the concept is a good one, I just believe the 16″ is to big of an increase in size from the 11″ or 12″ ball to be as effective as the 14″ softball is.

This video was produced by Fastpitch.TV and the 14″ softball can be purchased on their website at Fastpitch.TV/14.