Ball Velocity – Softball Video Of The Week 11/25/16 – Dr. Sherry Werner

Increasing Ball Velocity For Windmill Pitchers

In this short video Dr. Sherry Werner Ph’d talks about how to increase the ball velocity in windmill pitching in the sport of fastpitch softball.

Dr. Sherry Werner of the Sherry Werner Fastpitch Academy goes over the studies and concepts of how to increase ball velocity for your fastpitch softball windmill pitching. Watch and learn the 4 key components behind the mechanics of improving your windmill pitching speed.

Dr. Sherry Werner worked with Olympic great Jennie Finch on a regular basis, and runs the Red Barn Pitching Academy.

Dr. Sherry Werner can be heard on the Fastpitch Expert Podcast at as well as the Fastpitch Chat Show.

You can find out more about Dr. Sherry Werner, and her training facility at

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