Ball Stickers Training Aid Review

Ball Stickers Are Great For Training Hitters

Ball Stickers Training AidBall Training Stickers work on the idea of making the baseball or softball appear bigger, and that makes it easier to see.

These are stickers that you actually stick onto the ball.

They come four shapes, Stars, circles, squares, and triangles. Then those four shapes come in four colors. The colors are red, orange, green, and blue.

How To Use Ball Stickers:

1. To start training with Ball Stickers you simply put one sticker on each ball.

2. Soft toss balls to the batter, and the batter must call out the color before they can even start their swing. Do this until the batter gets really comfortable with it.

3. Now make the batter say the color and the shape before they start their swing.

When the batter gets comfortable with this step the are on their way. They now focus on the ball itself instead of the ball and surrounding area.

Now that they focus on the ball itself the ball will appear larger in their mind, and be easier to see and hit.

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