The Accubat Review

The Accubat Is A Great Tool For Hitting Practice Balls

How can the Accubat help me? Lets face the facts, not every parent played a lot of baseball or softball as a kid. I know many parents want to help the coach during practice or before a game, but just aren’t able to hit the ball to the exact point they want with a normal bat. Many coaches use another product known as the Fungo Bat, but even as a one handed bat its still hard to get the hand eye cordination down for good placement.

That is why I found the real beauty of the Accubat is its wide reactive net that allows you to easily hit the ball to where your player is set up. Anyone is able to hit pop flys, grounders, or line drives to any player on the field.

It is really kind of amazing how accurate this hitting aid is. I guess that is why they named it the Accubat! As the video shows the hitting aid is simple to use, and much easier than a fungo bat for those fist time parent coaches.

Interested in learning more about this featured product? Just go to Fastpitch.TV/Accubat

Posted by November 19, 2016 Category: Equipment Reviews