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The Fastpitch Book for Softball Players and Coaches

The Fastpitch Book created by Fastpitch TV Publishing

This book has twenty great fastpitch softball articles written by twenty great fastpitch softball coaches. As a special bonus this book also includes a dedicated section of tips and resources from many other coaches.

This information is meant to give insight, and thought processes into the game of fastpitch softball.

It contains many tools, and techniques behind what it takes to train great players and build a successful team.

The twenty coaches involved in this book are:
The Fastpitch Book

  • Mitch Alexander
  • Laura Berg
  • Darrick Brown
  • Charity Butler
  • Keri Casas
  • Rob Crews
  • Michele Martin Diltz
  • Charlie Dobbins
  • Joni Frei
  • Rita Lynn Gilman
  • Lisa Iancin
  • Bryan Burrows Ingalis
  • Stacie Mahoe
  • Shannon McDougall
  • Shannon Murray
  • Venus Taylor
  • Aaron Weintraub
  • Dr. Sherry Werner
  • Meagan Denny White
  • Kaci Clark Zerbe

Good luck reaching for your next championship!

If you want to read more about this book and where to purchase just go to

fast pitch book banner

Tee Stackers Training Aid Review

Tee Stackers Are Not Only A Great Training Aid, But They Are Fun To Use.

Tee Stackers Hitting Aid Softball Baseball Tee Stackers are a unique tool for training baseball and softball hitters.

Ball players enjoy learning and training with this simple tool because it becomes a game and a challenge to see how many balls they can hit (one at a time) stacked on top of each other.

This softball or baseball hitting aid really does help develop eye-hand coordination, and teaches a player to hit the ball properly.

This training aid will provide instant feedback to your hitter and coach. It is difficult to hit multiple balls stacked on top of each without knocking of the others. This takes practice and focus on hitting the ball, and nothing but the ball.

Yes. Tee stackers teach focus, and eye hand coordination while allowing players to have a fun.

Make sure you watch the video above to see just how the Tee Ball Stackers are used to improve hitting.

You can buy Tee Stackers or read more about them HERE.

Softball Video Of The Week 3/5/17 – Joan Joyce Explains The Slingshot Pitch

The Slingshot Pitch with Joan Joyce Many people say that Joan Joyce was the greatest fastpitch softball player of all times. In this video Joan explains the basics of the slingshot pitch.

As a pitcher she used the slingshot pitch. This was in a time before the windmill pitch became the dominate pitch in the sport of fastpitch softball.

Her list of accomplishments are so long that it would hard to list them all. One of her most impressive accomplishments was when she struck out baseball legend Ted Williams in several exhibition games.

Joan’s talent seemed to be endless as she has been a pro softball player, pro golfer, pro volley ball player, pro bowler, pro baseketball player and more. Joan Joyce holds her position strong as one of the greatest female athletes of all time.

See more great softball videos at

The Softball Faceguards Website

softball faceguards If you have been to a Fastpitch Softball game in the past few years I am sure you have noticed that some of the infielders and pitchers are wearing protective faceguards.

This is a trend that started a few years back, and has taken the world of fastpitch softball by storm. Softball facemasks are taking the off like a rock and with good reason.

A youth softball pitcher is only 35 feet away from the batter at home plate. Compare that to the over 60 foot distance in baseball, and you will easily the reason.

Infielders are so much closer to the batter that they just don’t have the reaction time to get out of the way of a rocket headed right at their head. was created to offer a one stop shopping site to buy protection for your loved ones. With a large selection of softball facemasks to choose from you can easily find a mask that works for you.
USA softball faceguard
Facemasks from Worth, Rip It, Schutt, Game Face, Mizuno and more. even sells custom painted softball faceguards that you can’t find on other sites.

If you are looking for protection for your softball player you don’t need to look any further than

The Softball History Podcast

Softball History Podcast The Only Softball History Podcast on the Web

Join 2-time Olympian Dr. Dot Richardson as she interviews legends in the sport of fastpitch softball. Bringing great memories and experiences in softball history.

She interviews other Olympians, coaches, players, and many other fastpitch legends.

Dr. Dot Richardson know these legends on a personal level, and is great at pulling out great content about what it was like to be there.

Her interviews include player like University Of Michigan Head Coach Carol Hutchins, Two time Olympian Michele Smith, and many many more.

You find the podcast go to Fastpitch Radio.

The Complete Book Of Softball Drills

Complete Book Of Softball Drills

The Complete Book Of Softball Drills

The Complete Book Of Softball Drills contains many drills for both young and experienced coaches to use with their teams.

The Drills consist of Hitting Drills, Pitching Drills, Fielding Drills, Catching Drills, and Running Drills.

With over 100 pages of drills you can’t go wrong.

Like I said it is an easy to use book of drills, and all the drill sare explained in short, easy to understand text.

If you want to read more about this book just go to

Ball Stickers Training Aid Review

Ball Stickers Are Great For Training Hitters

Ball Stickers Training AidBall Training Stickers work on the idea of making the baseball or softball appear bigger, and that makes it easier to see.

These are stickers that you actually stick onto the ball.

They come four shapes, Stars, circles, squares, and triangles. Then those four shapes come in four colors. The colors are red, orange, green, and blue.

How To Use Ball Stickers:

1. To start training with Ball Stickers you simply put one sticker on each ball.

2. Soft toss balls to the batter, and the batter must call out the color before they can even start their swing. Do this until the batter gets really comfortable with it.

3. Now make the batter say the color and the shape before they start their swing.

When the batter gets comfortable with this step the are on their way. They now focus on the ball itself instead of the ball and surrounding area.

Now that they focus on the ball itself the ball will appear larger in their mind, and be easier to see and hit.

You can get Ball Stickers at

Softball Video Of The Week 12/2/16 – Carol Hutchins Interview

Carol Hutchins, History Of Softball Interview

Michigan Coach Carol Hutchins InterviewIn 2014 Olympian Dr. Dot Richardson started a series of interviews with softball legends for the History Of Softball Video Series.

On this episode she interviews softball Legend, and University of Michigan head coach Carol Hutchins. She has developed a very impressive record with the Michigan softball organization.

This is a great conversation between two softball greats. Carol has been an inspiration and made a very big impact on the sport of fastpitch softball over the years. I had the honor of meeting her and doing an interview for my show as well.

If you want to learn more about Legends of Softball watch more Softball History videos on You Tube.

The Weighted Balls Website

Weighted Training Balls Weighted Training Balls Can Be Heavy Or Light.

Many baseball, and softball players work out with weighted balls. A 12 inch softball weighs 6.5 ounces. Weighted softballs come in 4 ounce, 5 ounce, 6 ounce, 7 ounce, 8 ounce, 9 ounce, 10 ounce, 11 ounce and 12 ounce weights.

They also come in 11 inch, and 12 inch size softballs.

People normally work out with the softball that are heavier than the 6.5 ounce softball.

Yes, weighted balls even come in a 9 inch baseball size.

So it does not matter is you are a softball player, or a baseball player there are several weighted training balls for you.

Weighted Training Balls Website

Weighted training balls are used by many players to build up their are strength. Some people like to hit with weighted balls. also carries other types of training balls. Everything from oversize balls to undersize balls.

If you want to check out all of their training balls just go to

The Fastpitch TV Podcast

Fastpitch TV Show The Fastpitch TV Podcast is one of the oldest video podcasts on the internet.

The first episode of the Fastpitch TV Show came out in 2006 and ten years later it is still going strong. This podcast has some of the best free content for fastpitch softball on the planet.

The Fastpitch TV Podcast has everything from interviews with softball Olympians and legends. It has great clinics and conferences, and softball camps.

This is truly a podcast where you can learn almost everything you are looking for about fastpitch softball.

I would tell you some of the softball legends that have appeared on this poccast, but there are way to many to name.

You find the podcast go to Fastpitch.TV

The Best Of The Fastpitch Magazine Book 1

Fastpitch Magazine Book 1

The Best Of The Fastpitch Magazine Book 1: Issues 1 – 10

You may of heard of the Fastpitch Magazine. You may even subscribe to the Fastpitch Magazine.

If you do subscribe then you know that there are over fifty issues of the magazine as of this post. The Fastpitch Magazine has been publishing for over four years.

The writing staff is among the best softball writers on the planet. Some of the past writers include Olympian Cat Osterman, Olympian Natasha Watley, Rob Crews, Mitch Alexander, Charity Butler, Robb Behymer, Jen Croneberger, Renne Ferguson, Stacie Mahoe, Michelle Diltz, Bill Plummer, Dalton Ruer, Aaron Weintraub, Sherry Werner, Robby Wilson, Abby Hanrahan, Keri Casas, and Shannon McDougal.

Yes, that is a long list for sure, and a talented list.

Since the Fastpitch Magazine is only available on iPads, iPods, and Android devices some people can’t subscribe. Maybe they don’t have a smart phone or tablet, or maybe they just don’t want to use their phones and tablets to subscribe.

That is why the Best of the Fastpitch Magazine was Printed. This is the first book in a new printed series published by Fastpitch.TV. More issues will be released in the near future.

If you want to read more about this book just go to

The Anywhere Ball Practice Aid Review

The Anywhere Ball Is Great For Indoor And Outdoor Practice

The Anywhere Ball is a great training tool for hitters. A great training ball for indoor and outdoor use. The Hit Anywhere Practice Ball is a foam practice ball. Because this soft ball is made of foam it will never crack or break.

The fact that they are foam also means they will get very compact for storage and transport. In other words you can cram a lot of them in your ball bucket. The other great thing about the Anywhere Training Ball is the instant feedback your player gets when they hit the ball.

I have used these ball for hitting into a fence out at the fields, and they are fantastic.

You can find the Anywhere Ball At Fastpitch.TV/the-hit-anywhere-ball-review

Ball Velocity – Softball Video Of The Week 11/25/16 – Dr. Sherry Werner

Increasing Ball Velocity For Windmill Pitchers

In this short video Dr. Sherry Werner Ph’d talks about how to increase the ball velocity in windmill pitching in the sport of fastpitch softball.

Dr. Sherry Werner of the Sherry Werner Fastpitch Academy goes over the studies and concepts of how to increase ball velocity for your fastpitch softball windmill pitching. Watch and learn the 4 key components behind the mechanics of improving your windmill pitching speed.

Dr. Sherry Werner worked with Olympic great Jennie Finch on a regular basis, and runs the Red Barn Pitching Academy.

Dr. Sherry Werner can be heard on the Fastpitch Expert Podcast at as well as the Fastpitch Chat Show.

You can find out more about Dr. Sherry Werner, and her training facility at

The Eyeblack Stickers Website

Eyeblack Stickers Stickers For Eyeblack?

Everyone is familiar with the black greasy substance ball players rub under their eyes. They use this to help keep the glare of the sun out of their eyes. Between you and me, I think they wear eyeblack to make themselves look mean. They want to send a message that they are tough, and mean. This may be subliminal message , but it is a message.

Traditional eyeblack is messy, and can even bother your eyes by rubbing it with your hands. Then the fact that on a hot day it can melt in your bat bag, and you have a possible super mess.

That is the beauty of eyeblack stickers. Their is no mess, no rubbing in your eyes, no problems at all.

These stickers work to block glare just like eyeblack grease does, but they offer an extra benefit. You can send a message that is not subliminal. A message that everyone will see.
Eyeblack Sticker Designs
The eyeblack stickers are printed with words, logos, messages, and yes you can get solid colors too.

Many teams will order custom eyeblack stickers with their team logos on them. Advertisers even buy with their company logo on them to give away at sporting events.

Eyeblack stickers are really pretty cool, and i am sure your team will enjoy them.

Take a look at

Fastpitch Magazine Podcast

Fastpitch Softball Magazine Podcast The Fastpitch Softball Magazine Podcast

This is another original podcast from The Fastpitch Radio Network Which is part of The Fastpitch TV Network.

As you have probably figured out from the name of this podcast it is associate with the Fastpitch Softball Magazine. At the time of this blog entry there are over fifty issues of The Fastpitch Softball Magazine, and most issues have around ten articles for a total of over five hundred great articles about fastpitch softball.

On every episode of the Fastpitch Softball Magazine Podcast Kathy Leland reads you an article starting with issue one. Each of these articles are written by our great list of softball experts and writers.

Some of the writers for the magazine are Cat Osterman, Natasha Watley, Charity Butler, Rob Crews, Lisa Iancin, Stacey Mahoe, Jennie Ritter, Mitch Alexander, Dalton Ruer, Aaron Weintraub & more.

When you get down to the nitty gritty this podcast is an audio version of the magazine.

If you love softball, you will find this podcast a great way to consume The Fastpitch Softball Magazine. Since it is audio you can listen while on a walk or listen while driving your car. Where you choose to listen is up to you.

To subscribe to the Fastpitch Softball Magazine Podcast go to The Fastpitch Radio Network.

The Fastpitch Radio App

Fastpitch Radio App for Softball Podcasts and Shows

Listen To Softball Podcasts On The Fastpitch Radio App

The Fastpitch Radio App is a great app. It allows you to listen on the go with your iPhone or iPad. The really great thing about this app is the fact that new episodes are automatically uploaded to the app as they come out.

No more hunting around for the newest episode. The Fastpitch Radio App is more than just a single podcast. It is a complete network of podcasts, and softball focused shows.

The Shows on the network are as follows:

1. The Fastpitch Trivia Show

2. The Softball Academy Podcast

3. The Fastpitch Expert Podcast

4. Fastpitch History Podcast

5. Fastpitch Magazine Show

6. Fastpitch Radio Show

New episodes are added on a regular schedule.

New shows are added from time to time, but with six shows you can see this is not a podcast app. This is a podcast NETWORK App.

Take a look on iTunes at

The Accubat Review

The Accubat Is A Great Tool For Hitting Practice Balls

How can the Accubat help me? Lets face the facts, not every parent played a lot of baseball or softball as a kid. I know many parents want to help the coach during practice or before a game, but just aren’t able to hit the ball to the exact point they want with a normal bat. Many coaches use another product known as the Fungo Bat, but even as a one handed bat its still hard to get the hand eye cordination down for good placement.

That is why I found the real beauty of the Accubat is its wide reactive net that allows you to easily hit the ball to where your player is set up. Anyone is able to hit pop flys, grounders, or line drives to any player on the field.

It is really kind of amazing how accurate this hitting aid is. I guess that is why they named it the Accubat! As the video shows the hitting aid is simple to use, and much easier than a fungo bat for those fist time parent coaches.

Interested in learning more about this featured product? Just go to Fastpitch.TV/Accubat

Softball Video Of The Week 11/18/16 – Michael Bastian

Michael Bastian Teaches Infield Mechanics

Michael Bastian 2005 Coaching Chinese Softball TeamCoach Michael Bastian is well known around the softball world for the years of work he has put into his training clinics at The Fastpitch School (TFS). Coach Bastian worked hard to help coach and develop the softball team at Centenary College of Louisiana. His resume includes many years of international and domestic coaching, clinical and professional speaking engagement experience. But most remember him for the time he spent working with the Chinese Olympic Softball Team in 2005.

Anyway you look at it Coach Bastian has committed a lot of years working with teams and players to help better their skills in the great game of fastpitch softball.

In this video Coach Bastian works with a young softball player to help her perfect her infield grounding skills. Take a look at the video, and maybe you will learn something that will help improve your game.

You can learn more about coach Bastian and The Fastpitch School at

The Softball Junk Website

Softball junk

Softball Junk, The First Fastpitch Store Online!

I know this is going to be hard to believe, but in 2000 when first went live on the Internet there were no fastpitch softball equipment websites on the internet.

Everyone ether bought equipment online from baseball websites, or websites for slowpitch softball. Yes these websites may of added a few pieces of softball equipment, or some fastpitch bats, but they were still baseball, or slowpitch softball websites.

When can on the scene it was an overnight success. People had never seen a website that only sold girls fastpitch softball equipment.

Softball Junk Fastpitch Equipment Online Store

The orders came in like crazy, but so did the phone calls from people that wanted to express their thanks to us for creating the Softball Junk website.

Now it is going on 17 years since that website first appeared, and the website is still doing great.

The next time you need some fastpitch softball equipment please take a look at

Softball Trivia Podcast

Softball Trivia Podcast

Softball Trivia Anyone?

I have always been a trivia fan, and I love the sport of fastpitch softball. I guess it is not a surprise that I have come to love this new podcast.

If you didn’t know, the Softball Trivia Podcast is a short, fun, weekly podcast created to entertain fans of the game. As you listen to this podcast it challenges you by asking questions, and then given multiple choice answers. Can you pick the correct answer? If you do then you can test your knowledge on all of your friends and show them how much you know about the game of softball and its history!

Go ahead, give this show a try and I bet it will soon become one of your favorite podcasts.

Click Here to listen at

Listen to a sample episode below:

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